What is Six Sigma Green Belt?

Six Sigma Green Belt is a certification course wherein participants will receive an introduction on tools and methods that are essential to participate in DMIAC improvement projects. This course focuses on the basic structure of DMAIC. By taking up this certification course professionals can identify the problems and implement solutions to eradicate them.

Who is it for?

Six Sigma is a people‐driven process. The Six Sigma project performance level tends to match the level of persistence, expertise, and commitment of the individual members of the team. While reviewing the roles that contribute to the project, most of them think about the champion and Black Belts roles to deploy the project. However, to improve the performance of the projects, Green Belts will also play a critical role in the process improvement.

Green belts are skilled team players and their aim is to improve process quality. They help to bridge the gap between the Six Sigma theory and real-world application. Six Sigma Green Belt candidates play a vital role in improving the process, data inspection or Project Management. Green Belt training teaches candidates the basic tools used by a project team and how to apply DMAIC skills that relate to a Six Sigma project.

Is It Right for you?

Six Sigma certification is for individuals who are interested in the terminologies such as continuous improvement and waste reduction and work experience in any supply chain or business management. Six Sigma certification helps the professionals to boost their subject matter proficiency which leads to increase desirability by employers and salary. This certification for professionals is responsible for controlling costs, improving outputs and contributing to better results.

These are some prerequisites need to become a Six Sigma Green Belt:


Professionals should require three to four years of full‐time employment experience. Internship or part‐time experience in projects is not considered. Along with the experience, one needs the below qualities to become successful as Six Sigma Green Belt certified:

● Perseverance

● A logical, analytical mind

● A passion for improvement

● Leadership skills

How to get Certified in Six Sigma Green Belt

Once you complete the training, you will have to pass the written examination that consists of multiple choice questions that measure the understanding of the Green Belt Body of Knowledge. The examination will be conducted by the Training company itself. The Six Sigma Green Belt Certification exam consists of 100 multiple‐choice question with a time duration of four hours. It is offered in the English language only.

Once you e pass the exam with 50% or above then you need to complete one or two quality projects related Green Belt concepts. Six Sigma Green Belt certification requirements vary from company to company.

Benefits of getting Six Sigma Green Belt certified:

  • Professionals with Six Sigma Green Belt certifications will have the ability to solve process problems
  • This certification will allow an individual to gain knowledge of business processes 
  • Professional can improve the quality of deliverable and increase customer satisfaction
  • Six Sigma Green Belt Certification will broaden career opportunities
  • Professionals can understand DMIAC methods which will help their organizations gain profit

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